Copeland Islands

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Copeland Islands
comprise three islands
Copeland Island - the largest and formerly inhabited island
The name Copeland may derive from a combination of the Norse words for 'merchant' and 'island'. The name in Irish may have been Aran
LIghthouse Island on which the Bird Observatory is located. The lighthouse was moved to Mew Island
Mew Island - location of the lighthouse

Ulster Journal of Archaeology, 57 - 1994

Island life off co. Down: the Copeland Islands, 177-182
by ROYLE, S.A.

Bird Observatory
SPA bird numbers

Populations numbers for offshore islands
Goldcrest - 5.7g

Breeding Bird Numbers

Big Copeland supports Northern Ireland's first confirmed breeding pair of Mediterranean Gull i.e. between 50% and 100% of the Irish breeding population
Bird Number
Arctic Tern 566 pairs
Manx Shearwater 4,800 pairs
Eider 140 pairs
Common Gull 250 pairs
Source: DoE website. Numbers give an indication of the scale of the population."

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