Aran Islands - Inis Meáin

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Populations numbers for offshore islands

Full Text of JMS's book 'The Aran Islands' published 1907
"The geography of the Aran Islands is very simple, yet it may need a word to itself. There are three islands: Aranmor, the north island, about nine miles long; Inishmaan, the middle island, about three miles and a half across, and nearly round in form; and the south island, Inishere--in Irish, east island,--like the middle island but slightly smaller. They lie about thirty miles from Galway, up the centre of the bay, but they are not far from the cliffs of County Clare, on the south, or the corner of Connemara on the north"
J M Synge - The Aran Islands - 1907

Geranium sanguineum L. (Bloody Cranesbill) on limestone at Inis Meáin

Inis Meáin - Inishmaan
(Middle Island)

Ferry or Plane

One inch map and a companion guide.
Tim Robinson - Folding Landscapes - 1996
The Aran Islands - J. M. Synge
First published 1907
Inis Meain Images: Ten Days in August 1912
Watson, Henry Cecil
Dublin: Wolfhound, 1999

Aran isles - Inis Meáin

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