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A fine use for beer barrels under this currach..
A limestone wall. There are thousands of kms of walls like this on the Aran Islands
Just arrived on the main pier.
This mound in the midst of houses near the main pier
The altar in Teampall Caomhán
Their memory is yet in my mind, white baneens and cheerful bright shirts, blue shirts and green waistcoats,.....
A view of the altar in Teampall Caomhán.
Gravestones at Teampall Caonhán
Inis Oirr
Lichened headstone at Teampall Caomhán
Teampall Caomhán
Inis Oirr airstrip
The Ferry from Doolin on the mainland
Touring the island in a pony and trap.
Electricity comes by undersea cables from the mainland

Supplies unloaded from the ferry
Beer on its way from the pier
A GRP 'fibreglass' currach
A 5 horsepower currach
Thrown up on the shore in a storm the Plassy has been sitting high and dry on the rocks for years.
A currach at rest
Inis Oirr
Inis Oirr
Inis Oirr
Inis Oirr
Inis Oirr
Scoil Caomhán - national school - 1940. There is also a secondary school on the island.
Inis Oirr