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The quest for a solution ot the Longitude problem occupied scientists and their patrons for the better part of two centuries. In 1714 the UK Parliament offered a King's ransom (£20,000) to anyone whose method or device proved successful. Astonomy, Naviation and clockmaking was used in the process and this is where Knighttown's Altazamuth stone comes good. An altazamuth is a Theodolite-type instrumetn used to determine the lines of Longitude. In all the scientific and other methods used to determine Longitude, two Altazamuth readings were taken - one in the village of Knightstown, Valentia Island and the other in the Ural Mountains of Russia. On completion of the readings, an Altazamuth stone was placed at the appropriate spot. The 'replica' stone here before you marks the area of the site of the Altazamuth. It's sgnificant in safe naviation and the saving of lives at sea is unquestionable. It is indeed of National and International importance.

We thank all concerned who helped in any and every way with this Altazamuth project, which was instigated and supervised by Knightstown Tidy Towns. All those people, will, I'm sure forgive us for mentioning just one person who helped and would be proud of this project, namely Rev. P. J. O'Sullivan, R.I.P. former Parish Priest of Velentia Island.