Inishark - Inis Airc

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Inishark - Inis Airc (island of hardship)
A smaller island with a poor harbour near Inishboffin. The last inhabitants left in October, 1960.

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The central part of the village on Inishark, the bigger building was the church, the landing place is just visible beyond the furthest house on the left.

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Text of this notice above the landing place


The 20th day of October 2010 marks the fiftieth anniversary of when the remaining occupants of this lovely island were evacuated to new homes on the mainland of Connemara. this measure was necessary due to the effects of emigration, sickness and fear of the adversities caused by the raging Atlantic weather which on many occasions isolated Shark from the rest of the world sometimes for weeks on end, denial of access to medical and spiritual assistance was a common occurrence.

Enjoy your time on Inishark and treat what you see with respect, for a moment imagine the happy days wehn as many as 150 persons resided on the island. They were self sufficient except for electricity and communication systems, which finally led to their surrender to the elements of mohter nature.

Remember those evacuated: Miko Cloonan RIP. Anne Cloonan RIP Michael Cloonan RIP. Bridget Gavin RIP, John Gavin RIP, Sonny Lacey RIP, Thomas Lacey RIP, Festy Lacey RIP, Thomas Joseph Lacey RIP, Johny Murray RIP, Martin Murray RIP, Dan Murray RIP, Celia Murray RIP, John Joe Murray RIP,
Noel Gavin, Theresa Lacey, Mary Margaret Lacey, Martin Lacey, Anne Lacey, Kathleen Lacey, George Murray, Leo Murray, Martin Murray, Anne Murray, Philomena Murray.

Slán go fóill :

Peter Joe Corrigan, Michael Corrigan, Peter Anthony Lacey and Shane Lacey