Dalkey - Deilginis

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Dalkey - Deilginis (Thorn Island)
The name Dalkey is of Viking origin. The area was once known as Kilbegnet and the church on the island is St. Begnet's church or Kilbegnet.
A small (9 ha) uninhabited island, Dalkey lies 300 metres off Dalkey one of Dublin's most affluent suburbs.

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Breeding Bird Numbers

Since 1995, with wardening, nestbox deployment and monitoring, numbers of terns have increased though numbers and breeding success are still variable
Bird Number
Roseate Tern 5 - 11 pairs
Arctic Tern 24 pairs
Common Tern 62 pairs
Great Black-backed Gull 7 pairs
Herring Gull 15 pairs
Oystercatcher 1-2 pairs
Shelduck 1-2 pairs
Source: NPWS website. Numbers give an indication of the scale of the population."

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