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English: Lambay (Vik9ing - Lamb Island)
Irish: Reachra - possibly and very plausibly "place of many shipwrecks"
Colmcille visited the island in the 6th Century and he established a monastery.
The Vikings came to Lambay in 795, raided the monastery there and used the island as a base
Lambay became a haunt for pirates in the 15th Century and was subsequently populated by English colonists to drive smugglers off.
The island became the home of the Baring family in 1904 and the architect Edward Lutyens was engaged to design a new house (see photo) and restore the old castle.

Axes, Warriors and Windmills
Fingal County Council - 2009

Malahide Historical Society

The island is privately owned the Baring family trust. Access from Rogerstown Harbour, 4 km away by prior permission only,

Populations numbers for offshore islands

Lambay Photographs

House designed by Edwin Lutyens

Breeding Bird Numbers

Lambay is of note for its diversity of breeding seabirds. The populations of Cormorant, Shag, Herring Gull and Guillemot are the largest in Ireland, the puffin colony is the only known colony on the east coast and the gannet colony is Ireland's sixth and newest with gannets breeding since 2007.
Bird Number
Gannet - More ??
Cormorant 675 pairs
Shag 122 pairs
Guillemot 59,824 individuals
Black Guillemot 'Several' pairs
Razorbill 4,337 individuals
Puffin - More 265 individuals
Fulmar 635 pairs
Manx Shearwater <50 pairs
Great Black-backed Gull 193 pairs
Lesser Black-backed Gull 309 pairs
Herring Gull 1,806 pairs
Kittiwake 4,091 pairs
Peregrine Falcon 1
Oystercatcher 20-25 pairs
Ringed Plover 'Several pairs'
Shelduck 'Several Pairs'
Source: NPWS website. Numbers give an indication of the scale of the population."

Winter Birds

Large numbers of gulls and other birds frequent the island during the winter. Several seabird species, notably Fulmar, Shag and Guillemot, regularly visit the breeding cliffs during winter. Up to the mid 1990s, a Barnacle Goose flock wintered on the island (the only such flock in eastern Ireland) but these have since abandoned the site.
Bird Number
Greylag Goose 311
Brent Goose 55
Oystercatcher 155
Purple Sandpiper 9
Curlew 189
Turnstone 32
Source NPWS website. The figures indicate the scale of the poplulation.

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