Dursey Island

Bull and Cow
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English: Dursey - Viking Thjorsey - Bull's Island
Irish: Oileán Baoi - Yellow Island

Discover Dursey - Penelope Durell
Ballinacarriga Books - 1996
Walks of Seven West Cork Islands - Damien Enright.

NPWS - The Bull and the Cow
Dursey Photographs

Populations numbers for offshore islands

Dursey is connected to the mainland by the only working cable car in Ireland.

The Bull and the Cow

The gannet colony on the Bull is the 3rd largest in Ireland (after Little Skellig and the Saltees. More information on gannets here

Possible Bird Numbers

Estimates per NPWS website
Bird Number
Storm Petrel - More 2,000 to 5,000 pairs
Gannet - More 1,815 pairs
Puffin - More 200 individuals
Guillemot 1,400 individuals
Razorbill 132 individuals
Fulmar 40 pairs
Herring Gull 139 pairs
Great Black-backed Gull 280 pairs
Kittiwake 350 pairs
Cormorant 40 pairs
Figures per NPWS website - figures are very approximate with no recent counts.

The Bull (with lighthouse) and the Cow

SouthWest Map | Oileáin Site Map