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Some of the islands where people no longer live all year round

population numbers 1841 to 2011

Duvillaun More (1901?)
Inishtrahull (1928)
Inishkea (1935)
Inishmurray (1947)
Blaskets (1953)
Inisharc (1960)
Achillbeg (1966?)
Owey (1980)

Abandoned Islands

Inishark - abandoned houses and church
All but on of the last residents of Inisharc left the island on 20th October 1960. Tom Lacey, the oldest man on the island, refused to leave that day but left the next day.
A gannet on Great Saltee


Some Islands noted for birds

Puffin Island
Skellig Rocks
Stags of Broadhaven

Monastic sites

Some islands noted for early Christain monastic sites

Caher (near InishTurk)
St. McDara's
Scattery Island - Inis Cathaigh
Skellig Michael
St McDara's Island - Connemara
the abandoned village on Inishkea South

Way of Life

What is was like living on an island in the past.


Sea Creatures

A walrus in Clew Bay
Achill - Basking Sharks
Whaling - Inishkea
Grey Seals
Basking Shark

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